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Alderbank is named after one of two grand semi-detached properties, which were once present on the site. The development takes inspiration from the historic footprint of these striking properties, named Alderbank and The Bower. Alderbank was once the home of one of the country’s finest composers, John Ireland, and aviator John F. Leeming.

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John Ireland

Alderbank has a rich history, once being the family home of John Ireland, who is regarded as one of Great Britain’s greatest composers during the twentieth century – a rarity in North West England. Born in 1879, the famous cellist, Julian Lloyd Webber, considered him to be one of the top five British composers of the Edwardian era.

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Alexander Ireland

Ireland’s father, Alexander, was also someone of note, being the owner and editor of the weekly newspaper, The Manchester Examiner. Under his ownership, the newspaper absorbed its main competitor, the Manchester Times, and continued to be published for 40 years.

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John F. Leeming

Alderbank is also believed to have been the home of John F. Leeming, famous for being the first pilot to land an aircraft on a mountain in Great Britain. On 22 December 1926, he and his co-pilot chose to land his Avro Avian 585 two-seater bi-plane on Hellvelyn in the Lake District, which stands 3,117 feet above sea level. John F Leeming was an esteemed entrepreneur, businessman and co-founder of the Lancashire Aero Club, the oldest flying club in the UK, which still exists today.

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